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The Spirit Chorale of Los Angeles
The Spirit Chorale celebrates over 20 years on a journey of preserving music of African-American composers; especially the Negro spiritual. Director and founder, Byron J. Smith has the pleasure of working with some of the most sought-after voices in Los Angeles to make up this dynamic choral ensemble.

The chorale has received rave reviews and critical acclaim for their performances before many noted audiences such as the American Choral Directors Association National Convention, Choral Conductor Guild National Convention, The National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc. National Convention, the San Diego Symphony  and numerous churches and concert halls throughout the country. They have also performed and recorded with artist such as Barry Manilow, Clifton Davis, Hector Oliveras, Andre Crouch, Della Reese, Larnelle Harris and Richard Smallwood.  Spirit also prides themselves on their work with Wynton Marsallis on the movie "Rosewood,“ and his “All Rise” project. They have also been featured on Extreme Makeovers-Home Edition and Christmas music on the ABC television game show “Jeopardy.“ They have had two successful tours of Europe and are scheduling a tour of Japan and their third European Tour of Germany, Italy and Spain .

The Spirit Chorale prides itself on the preservation of the Negro spiritual and programs compositions by some favorite composers including Jester Hairston, Hall Johnson, Undine Smith Moore, Moses Hogan, Richard Jackson and more. Director Smith, known for many outstanding gospel arrangements, provides these and many more uplifting arrangements to complete the program.

The Spirit Chorale of Los Angeles have completed and released three CD projects, “Trust Jesus Christ”, “I Surrender All” and their 10th anniversary project “Worship the Lord.” They have recently released a live recording of their 17th Anniversary Concert, "A Sweet, Sweet Spirit" where they debuted Porgy and Bess: Revisited. A Soulful staged version of the classical opera Porgy and Bess.


The Spirit Chorale of Los Angeles;  a unique choral ensemble, blessed with a special message of hope, life and love!


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