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A Sweet, Sweet Spirit

A Sweet, Sweet Spirit ($15.00) FEATURING PORGY AND BESS: Revisited

1. A Sweet, sweet Spirit   2. Swing Low   3. Give Me Jesus  4. Daniel Saw De Stone   5. I Been In The Stone So Long

6. I Must Tell Jesus   7. I'll Stand   8. Summertime  9. A Woman is a Sometime Thing. You Must Have 

10. My Man;'s Gone Now  11. Promised Land   12. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'  13. Bess, you is My woman  14. Oh, I Can't Sit Down

15. It Ain't Necessarily So  16. Boat Dats Leavin' Soon   17. Oh Lord, I'm On My Way  18. Somebody's Knockin'  19. Through Christ   20. Just Can't Tell It All

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Worship the Lord ($10.00) (Click on highlighted titles to download mp3 samples.)

1. Always on my Mind   2. The Battle of Jericho   3. Nobody Knows De Trouble I See  4. Worship the Lord  

5. I Want Jesus to Walk With Me   6. Great is Thy Faithfulness  7. I'm Grateful   8. You Must Have 

That True Religion   9. Come Home  10.  Daniel Saw De Stone  11. Wayfarin' Stranger  12. Shout Glory  

13. I am Thine O Lord  14. Lead Me., Savior

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Trust Jesus Christ ($10.00) (Click on highlighted titles to download mp3 samples.)

    1. Introit  2. Crossin' Ovah  3. Trust Jesus Christ  4. The Lord's Prayer  5. Elijah Rock  6. Worthy To Be Praised             

7. Deep River  8. Close To Thee  9. Blessed  Assurance  10. Black Pearls Medley  11. Look What Dey Doin'                      

 12. Lord We Give  Thanks  13. Come Sunday  14. He'll Make A Way  15. Postlude

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I Surrender All (CD-R $10.00 ) (Click on highlighted titles to download mp3 samples.)

1. I Surrender All    2. Rock My Soul  3. Daniel, Servant of the Lord  4. My Lord What A Mornin'  5. Draw Me Nearer     

7. I Been In The Storm  8. Let Me Fly  9. Glory!  10. Sinner Man  11. Take My Hand  12. Rock Chariot, Rock  

13. Use Me, Lord  14. Git On Board Lit'l Children  15. Lift Him Up 16. I Surrender All (Live Reprise)



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